“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. 

If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”


学生从七年级到十一年级学习法语.  We aim to build on students’ previous knowledge and understanding, thereby ensuring that at the end of 关键阶段3 students are fully prepared to meet the demands of GCSE法国.  At 关键阶段3 students learn vocabulary and grammatical structures, which we expect them to apply in their independent work.  We give them the tools and the confidence to develop their translation skills to and from the target language.  We inspire them to be ambitious and accurate in their work and to foster in them a passion for French and all things francophone.

We encourage all language learners to develop the skills and confidence to consider themselves as ‘World Citizens’ who belong in a global world, 哪些国家尊重其他民族的文化, 宗教和种族.  Language learners are good communicators and have to become flexible and such skills are highly sought after in the job market. We endeavour to foster these skills in our students throughout their language learning career at Loreto College.


  • To ensure the curriculum for French is consistently delivered in order to allow for optimal preparation for 关键阶段4 in French.
  • To ensure that the delivery of the curriculum is accessible to all students. It is important that socially disadvantaged pupils have access to resources.
  • To enable students are able to communicate for real purposes.
  • To ensure subject knowledge and problem solving skills are developed in preparation for 关键阶段4.
  • To provide “out of classroom” opportunities for a variety of cultural and linguistic experiences which are all inclusive. These include French plays for both Year 7 and Year 9 and a Year 8 MFL day.

At 关键阶段4 students build on the strong foundations they have established at 关键阶段3.  他们增加自己的词汇储备, understanding of grammatical rules and their ability to speak spontaneously.  They translate to and from the target language more difficult texts than at 关键阶段3.  They are also encouraged to read and respond to literary texts.  Students are encouraged to give their own opinions on a range of topics and to justify them with reasons.  This allows them to prepare effectively for studying the subject at A-level.

At A-level we aim to foster in our students a love of literature in the form of an appreciation of the two set texts they study. 他们了解作者的背景, 历史和社会背景, 主题和作者的技巧. We build students’ ability to converse in the target language on a wide range of current and stimulating issues. This is done in the context of the French-speaking world and their own country.  They are encouraged to compare and contrast the differences between cultures.


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在关键阶段3结束时, students will be able to communicate effectively and spontaneously with others in the target language. They will also be able to use three tenses and justify their opinions using a range of structures which will provide them with the skills needed to ensure a smooth transition onto the KS4 curriculum.

为了促进这一点, 在第七学年结束前, students need to master regular and irregular verbs in the Present Tense. In Year 7 the French Department contributes to PSHE by considering the importance of learning about education in France/ UK and online safety and Careers promoting the benefits of our education system and the importance of gaining qualifications.

In Year 8, students build on their knowledge from Year 7 and develop their understanding and application of the Past and Near Future tenses.  In Year 8 the French Department contributes to PSHE by promoting positive characteristics of positive and healthy friendships and Careers by promoting language learning for travel and employment prospects in these countries.

在第九年末, students will be able to form more complex opinions using a wider range of structures in order to describe, 叙述和告知. They will revisit high frequency language and grammatical structures already covered in previous years and build on their understanding and application of a range of tenses, 情态动词和反身动词. Students will increase their confidence in translation skills both into and from the target language, 为GCSE做准备.  除了, they will develop how to read and listen for detail and to use a range of strategies to work out meanings from different contexts. In Year 9 the French Department contributes to PSHE by considering opportunities online, promoting healthy lifestyle- well/ being and Careers by considering career aspirations and their parents work.

Assessment is continuous in lessons using strategies such as retrieval practice, 提问,学生自我和同伴评估.   We also regularly use mini whiteboards to quickly assess whole class understanding, 学习和进步的差距. 在每个模块的最后, students are assessed in two skills and do an evaluation based on the strengths and areas which need to be improved upon. 这一评估将影响他们未来的学习.


  • 他们喜欢/不喜欢什么
  • 如何描述自己和他人
  • School
  • 冬季庆典
  • 消磨时间的办法
  • 他们住的地方
  • Holidays


  • 不同天气的活动
  • 巴黎的活动(过去时)
  • 上周末完成的活动
  • 他们住在/想住在哪里
  • 谈论即将到来的事件(不久的将来)
  • 钱德尔勒尔
  • 参加人才竞赛


  • 描述自己/他人(工作)
  • 他们在空闲时间做什么
  • 解释他们为什么不能做某事
  • 健康的生活方式
  • Differences in schools in France and England- school day/ rules
  • 他们现在/过去住在哪里


Students receive approximately 20-40 minutes homework a week. This may take the form of listening, reading, writing or speaking activities.  Furthermore, they learn vocabulary on a regular basis and are tested on this.


在最正规的赌博软件, the French Department organises an exchange programme for our Year 8 girls with a Catholic school in Lyon. 这非常成功, 因为这给了他们一个语言学习的背景, and they can apply their language skills in the native country. 他们还可以体验不同的文化, which gives them an important insight into other perspectives. This is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for the students.

We promote literacy in French by promoting World Book Day in our lessons.


正规的赌博软件的学生遵循 Pearson Edexcel法语1FR0 规范.

At 关键阶段4, teaching needs to build on prior knowledge acquired during 关键阶段3. Students will be taught how to communicate in more sophisticated ways. They will consolidate their knowledge of the three main tenses (Present, Perfect and Future).  Students will be taught and have an awareness of other tenses.  They will acquire more in-depth knowledge of the geography and culture of France through the learning of festivals, 度假胜地和重要地标.
They will have exposure to exam style questioning and the skills needed to be successful.

In Year 10 the French Department contributes to PSHE by discussing positive and healthy friendships, being safe online and Careers by examining the advantages of having a modern foreign language on your CV. In Year 11 the French Department contributes to PSHE by discussing the importance of well-being and happiness in relation to volunteering and to Careers by discussing career choices.

学生将参加听力考试, Speaking, 阅读和写作在两年的最正规的赌博软件结束.  每项技能占总分的25%.  学生将和老师一起做口语考试, but Pearson will mark them and all the other skills will be set and marked by Pearson.  Students will be entered for one single tier across all four skills.

We would expect Year 10 and 11 students to spend around two hours a week doing homework.  If students have any problems with homework they should speak to their teacher, 菲茨西蒙斯夫人(法语部主任), or attend the French Clinic which is held in St Joe’s every Monday lunchtime for Year 11 and every Tuesday lunch-time for Year 10.  Students may also borrow books from the Library to help improve their literacy in French.


  • 家人/朋友——我是谁?
  • Free time
  • 日常生活/文化生活
  • 当地
  • 假期和旅游


  • School
  • 未来志向,学习和工作
  • 国际和全球层面


a - level法国

学生们正在为参加高级水平考试而努力, which will take place at the end of the two year course.  正规的赌博软件正在遵循 皮尔逊Edexcel 9F0规格.

Students will be examined on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  他们将把法语翻译成或译出.  他们将根据重要的文学作品进行考试.  They will also do an independent research presentation as part of their Speaking exam.

Students should spend between three and four hours a week doing homework.  They should do as much independent study as possible, including recommended websites.  If they need any advice and help with this, they should speak to Mrs Fitzsimons.  Attending French films and/or plays (at the Institut Français, 例如)也会非常有益.

We often ask our 六年级 students to help younger students with their work, 因为这往往加强了他们自己的理解.  We also encourage them to take on the role of French prefect and promote French throughout the school.

12年级 & 13名学生学习:

  • 主题1:变革是美好的société française
  • Theme 2: La culture politique et artistique dans les pays francophones
  • Theme 3: L’immigration et la société multiculturelle française
  • 主题4:职业等Résistance
  • Two texts: Un Sac de Billes (Joseph Joffo) and L’Étranger (Albert Camus)


quizlet -法语A-level Edexcel闪卡
小测验-引用“unsac de billes”抽认卡
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在关键阶段3结束时, through regular informal and formal assessments of all four skills, students will be equipped with the skills necessary to communicate effectively in the target language through the use of different tenses and extended sentences. They will be able to justify their opinions on a variety of topic areas and will also have an awareness of different cultural aspects of France. They will have developed the necessary skills to embark on the GCSE course with confidence.


At 关键阶段4, teaching builds on prior knowledge acquired during 关键阶段3. Pupils will be taught how to communicate in more sophisticated ways. Progress is assessed throughout 关键阶段4 through the use of regular assessments in all four skills. There will also be formal mock exams for students in Year 10 and Year 11. All these assessments require revision and recall skills and the effective use of homework and revision opportunities.

Assessment is continuous in lessons using strategies such as retrieval practice, 提问,学生自我和同伴评估.   We also regularly use mini whiteboards to quickly assess whole class understanding, 学习和进步的差距. 在每个模块的最后, students are assessed in two skills and do an evaluation based on the strengths and areas which need to be improved upon. 这一评估将影响他们未来的学习.



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MFL & Careers@Loreto

Students who study French at A-level can go on to take an undergraduate degree in the language at university.  The subject is well regarded for students who decide to apply for competitive undergraduate degrees i.e. 法律和医学.  The skills students acquire from studying a foreign language at A Level are exceptionally valued in the world of business and other jobs in our modern globalized world.

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