The 学习支持 Department believes that all of our students should be given the opportunity to access and appreciate all areas of the curriculum to the best of their ability. We encourage resilience and independence in our students, and we help to make this a reality. Our aim is for all students to experience a challenging, relevant and enjoyable education.  以下细节涉及整个学校.  再往下走,你会发现关键阶段3和4的具体信息.

If you have any queries or concerns about learning support provision at Loreto College, 请正规的赌博软件的特殊需求协调员, 黛比·布朗夫人.



One role of our department is to work closely with the 考试 Officer to help ensure students with access arrangements are well catered for. We collect and collate information regarding the use of access arrangements and keep student files up-to-date. 这是为了确保学生得到他们所需要的支持, 他们是否有效地使用它,并且这是他们正常的工作方式.

有关访问安排规则的JCQ文件可以找到 在这里.


Students are offered meetings with Connexions who give support and advice on further education and careers. 正规的赌博软件提供奥克兰学院的品鉴日,以及大学参观.


All students benefit from high quality teaching in the classroom and teachers make adjustments to meet the needs of individuals. 学习支持 Assistants can also be present during lessons to help students access the curriculum. Our aim is to enable students to develop independence and to become as resilient as possible but some students may need further provision outside of the classroom. 这些规定概述如下.


正规的赌博软件以多种方式支持有阅读障碍的学生, 帮助他们独立工作,并尽其所能. Students are identified by teachers and 学习支持 Assistants as having dyslexic tendencies and we undertake a computer screening test to see whether further support is necessary. 通常, 这些学生在组织方面需要帮助, 拼写, 思想的书面表达和处理. We make the teachers aware of any difficulties and supply materials to enable our girls with Dyslexia to help themselves. 这些包括彩色叠加,关键字列表和SPaG小抄表. 他们还被鼓励尝试阅读笔等科技产品, 笔记本电脑和语音识别系统. 如果他们想在公开考试中使用这些, we need to collate and supply the evidence needed to show that it is ‘normal working practice’.


A 六年级 mentor or a member of the 学习支持 Department can be arranged for students who would benefit from some extra social support.


年7: 在学年的前半个学期之后, we assess some students as requiring extra support to help them settle into the 原理图ool and access the curriculum. These students are withdrawn from Latin and are taught in small groups to initially learn how to manage their homework, general organisational skills and how to adapt to the demands of secondary 原理图ool life. We aim to build their confidence by encouraging the students to fully participate in every lesson. Alternate testing of 拼写s and times tables form the backbone of each lesson and other work is adapted to fit the needs of each group.

年8: 第8年, we identify a few students who would continue to benefit from additional support in literacy. These students are withdrawn from French in order to attend two extra literacy lessons per week with the aim of improving their reading and comprehension skills.

年9: 九年级, 正规的赌博软件继续在正规的赌博软件的学习支持小组中强调读写能力, 同时也支持学习乘法表和其他重要的数学题目. As one of the aims for this group is to help to support self-confidence and self-esteem, students currently also have 1 hour per week of drama w在这里 they are able to look at social behaviours and public speaking skills though the medium of performing arts.


Some students are withdrawn from lessons and have small group intervention which focuses on basic numeracy and literacy as well as organisation, 社交技能和自尊. 学习支持是一种培养环境, the aim being to encourage students to participate in discussions and increase their confidence. The emphasis is on topics which will enable them to access other lessons to the best of their ability. Students are not put onto a 学习支持 Group pathway unless t在这里 is agreement from them, their parents and their teachers that this is the correct provision for them.


Those students who do not study French at GCSE follow a 最正规的赌博软件 Support Programme in 数学, 英语与科学. Students following this pathway will have been identified by their teachers as having a need for extra support in these core subjects.


Every year the 学习支持 Department run a programme to help selected Year 7 pupils develop their reading skills. This entails meeting with a member of the 六年级 on a weekly basis during one afternoon registration time to partake in paired reading. The sessions last for approximately 15 minutes and the programme runs from January to May. The 六年级ers are trained in paired reading techniques and we believe that both the Year 7s and Year 12s benefit immensely from the experience which, 多年来, 非常受欢迎.



正规的赌博软件邀请正规的赌博软件的一些学生参加一个工艺和社交俱乐部. 工艺俱乐部是七年级学生的地方, 8和9在一起, 聊聊天, 听点音乐,放松一下艺术疗法. It’s a great opportunity for students to explore and challenge their creative side learning and developing their skills each week by creating new and exciting craft work. 潦草的图纸, 圣诞装饰品, 卡片, bags and hats are just some of the wonderful things students can learn to create.


这是对所有学生开放的,是完全包容的. Students meet once a week and look after some of our planters on the 原理图ool grounds.