The Art department is a lively and productive place where our goal is to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, creating an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated. We aim to equip every student with the knowledge and ability to work independently and creatively; transferable skills which will serve them well during Key Stage 3 and beyond.

At Key Stage 3 and beyond, 正规的赌博软件的目标是让学生为正规的赌博软件提供的GCSE和A - level最正规的赌博软件的要求做好尽可能充分的准备. The Year 7 course is designed to set a strong foundation in the following areas, which we then build on in subsequent years:

  • how to communicate ideas using the formal elements of colour, line, form, tone, texture, pattern and shape;
  • how to make best use of the properties and effects of a wide range of different media, materials, techniques, processes and technologies;
  • 如何批判性地思考并使用专业语言来评估他们自己的作品和其他艺术家的作品, craftspeople and designers;
  • 如何使用手工和电脑绘图技术来记录观察到的世界,并以视觉方式探索思想.

The GCSE and A-level courses are designed to extend these skills, 同时通过一些个人项目鼓励自我表达和创造力. 学生有机会在自己的研究领域工作,并培养对高等教育或任何职业都至关重要的强大的独立学习技能. They are encouraged to visit galleries, 博物馆和艺术博览会可以激发他们自己的创作灵感,并深入了解艺术家或设计师的工作过程和职业生涯.



Key Stage 3 Art

学生学习艺术的形式元素:线条,色调,形状,形式,纹理,图案和颜色. 特殊项目旨在培养使用这些元素的技能,以便学生能够自信和成功地进行个人项目. The work of relevant artists is studied, 使学生了解如何使用某些技术和方法来创作高度个性化和有意义的艺术作品. As students progress, they are expected to work more independently, developing their own ideas and using appropriate media.

学生培养对其他时代和文化的艺术作品的欣赏,以帮助他们庆祝自己的想法,并在创作过程中帮助他们. Many Art lessons follow a detailed structure, 使用不同的媒体来报道技能的发展,但最终这些让位于更多的个人项目, allowing students to express themselves independently. 教授研究技巧,并鼓励学生参考自己选择的艺术家, demonstrating how their choice has made an impact on their own work.

家庭作业的性质各不相同:有时正规的赌博软件可能会设置一个具体的任务,学生需要大约45分钟才能完成, 但在其他情况下,正规的赌博软件可能会让他们承担一个更大的项目,他们会在几周内定期回来,可能必须在午餐时间在部门内完成, when we have an “Open Door” policy, enabling students to extend their learning.

Useful websites for Lower School students include:




At Loreto College, we offer two separate GCSEs: Fine Art, and Art, Craft & Design.  These are different endorsements from the same Edexcel specification.  Therefore students must opt for one or the other. 这两门最正规的赌博软件都有完全相同的结构,旨在通过一些个人项目鼓励自我表达和创造力.

Students are examined on their skill and their creativity; they will need to demonstrate an ability to develop their own response to a given theme, 展示他们的想法是如何在对相关艺术家的适当研究和对各种媒体和过程的实验中形成和发展的. 本最正规的赌博软件分为一份最正规的赌博软件作业和一份最终的外部作业, weighted 60% and 40% respectively.


GCSE Art students benefit from our close links with the St Albans Museum and Gallery, 他们离正规的赌博软件很近,这意味着正规的赌博软件可以在整个最正规的赌博软件中定期去看他们国内和国际知名艺术家的新作品展览.

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A-Level Art


At Loreto College, we offer Fine Art at A-level. Click here to see the AQA specification.

这一水平的学生将被检查他们的工作能力,以一个非常高的标准,并产生艺术作品已经发展良好,是高度个性化的. 一个水平的学科更深入和专注,学生被期望表现出高度的个性和创造力. 花在家庭作业上的时间在这个水平上有所不同,但每周不应少于五个小时. 学生可以在课余时间使用该部门继续他们的实际工作.

课外机会包括每年一次的伦敦之旅,参观各种艺术家和设计师的作品, 有可能参加一个展览,展示全国学生的艺术作品, 以及成为艺术级长的机会:在学校里宣传这门学科的大使, both on a day- to day basis and at various events. 所有这些都将加强对艺术与设计基础最正规的赌博软件或在动画等领域的艺术基础学位最正规的赌博软件的申请, architecture or fashion.

建议和指导可用于帮助个人陈述和准备投资组合的面试. A level Art also nurtures valuable transferable skills such as resilience, independence, 创造力和解决问题的能力,这对未来的职业道路都是有益的.

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正规的赌博软件通过特殊项目来培养技能,旨在通过各种各样的材料和过程来鼓励学生的信心. 当基于绘画和绘画的强大技能集,以及随着学生在艺术学习中的进步,个人创造力可以蓬勃发展, they are encouraged to express themselves with confidence. 学生有机会体验各种工艺,包括印刷制作和陶瓷.

You can see plenty example of our students’ work in the website gallery by clicking here.

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